Ep. 50. / Domaine Lassak wines are something to beg for!

The 50th is always something remarkable, especially with refreshing vibrations. And that’s also the case with the celebratory 50th Wine Ghosts podcast at Domaine Lassak. We’ve visited Steffi and Fabian Lassak in their Hessigheim wine castle to indulge in marvelous Riesling, Lemberger and Pinot Noir barrel samples. First, they’ve shown us their gorgeous vineyard sites hallmarked by shell limestone underbelly. Their organic sites are low-yielding with great air flows, varying exposures and party planted with Massale Selections from Burgundy. What can I say?! The Lassak wines amazed me even if their “unmatured” phase, already bursting from spice, individuality, and density. It was always harder to spit.. Wise and attentive winemaking with extended lees ageing, spontaneous fermentation, seasoned oak casks, parcel-selected batches in its toolbox. That was the first podcast scenery, where I almost had to beg to get my hands on some wines for my cherished collection as they’ve sold out well in advance (and for a good reason).

You can find selected clips on the Wine Ghosts Youtube channel where Steffi and Fabian are describing three of their vineyard sites on-the-spot under the Hessigheim Sun as well as some tasting moments in their 500-years-old cellar.

The podcast starts without any official introduction after returning from the vineyards, already slurping on the first Riesling.


Guests: Stefanie & Fabian Lassak | Domaine Lassak | Germany



2:45 – Podcast Start | Hessigheimer Riesling 2020

6:11 – Riesling from a true limestone soil

10:56 – Cellar Explanation & Barrel Usage & Technical Staff

13:09 – Hessigheimer Riesling

18:54 – Riesling from the 1964’s Vineyard

24:31 – Lemberger Gutswein

32:05 - Pinot Noir "Younger Steige"

35:51 - Pinot Noir “Old Steige”

41:59 – Freetime drinking habits

44:22 – Pinot Noir - Hornberg

48:00 – Pinot Noir Hörnle & Future Plans, what is on their vision board as taste?!


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