Ep. 55. / Pap Wines bottles volcanic vibration in their garage in Hungary

After a long break, I proudly present you a podcast that is certainly something else. This time you hear Aron and Karina from the Pap Wines winery that makes biodynamic, low intervention "garage wines" on the Northern side of the Lake Balaton in Hungary. We've recorded this episode on an ancient volcano, the Szent György hill. I've already visited three outstanding vintners on this magical hill in 2019: the Bencze, Gilvesy and Szászi winery. At Pap wines, we've recorded these sequences almost during a whole day at the end of May this year, when we were finally allowed to travel back home again. You will hear that the recordings take place in the vineyards, in the tiny garage-like cellar as well in the artistic kitchen after a fabulous vegetarian dinner cooked by Aron. My friend, an utterly talented photographer and video creator, Kornél Simon, also accompanied us on this journey and filmed the dreamy landscape around the vineyards and the unique surroundings in and around the house, so expect some memorable image video coming out on our channels soon. Simply follow the Wine Ghosts Youtube and Instagram channel to keep posted, and also to get a glimpse into my Südtirol trip, where I've visited 5 outstanding wineries in two unforgettable days. Cheers and please listen to Aron as he introduces his vineyards and farming philosophy from the Eastern side of the hill.



2:13 - Vineyards, Burgundy clones, bush vines

7:43 - Volcanic origins, Balaton Uplands

10:25 - Working on volcanic terroir, Olaszrizling plantations, ides for vinification

14:54 - Road from Copenhagen to the Hungarian vineyards

20:30 - New plantations: old Hungarian Variety: Laska

23:35 - Interest for Hungarian wines & Indian food

26:53 - Religion and Faith

28:13 - Label Design

29:38 - Tasting the ghosts

34:23 - Bazanit Cuvée & Vinification

41:41 - Hárslevelű on the skin

45:21 - Out of the RATRACE? & Vin de Garage



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